Canadian Security Bill, C-51, many say will over-extend government's powers

Woman Bares Breasts to Expose Canadian Security Bill


By Alan Chrisman (All Articles ARE written BY ALAN CHRISMAN), copyright 2012-2015.( a Praveen Patel has tried to hack them and claim them.)

A Canadian woman exposes her breasts in The Canadian Parliament to protest the Conservative government’s new security bill, C-51.  During a public session of the Canadian Parliament, a woman in the visitor’s gallery appeared topless and yelled out against the government’s proposed new anti-terrorism bill.  There are currently hearings in Parliament on the new proposed legislation.

This is just one of many growing protests against the bill. On Mar. 14, several rallies were held across Canada to demonstrate against it.  The Federal government has said it is needed to protect Canadians from foreign and home-grown terrorism in reaction to the attack on the Parliament buildings and the killing of an unarmed soldier at the War Memorial last October by a single gun man.

But several groups including the opposition parties, the New Democratic Party and The Green Party leaders, as well as the Canadian Bar Association,  have come out against  the new legislation , they say, would put over-reaching powers into the hands of the Canadian security apparatus, including CSIS, the Canadian equivalent of the NSA in the U.S.  It has also just recently been revealed that like the NSA, CSIS has been collecting data on not only suspected foreign nationals, but also been compiling meta-data on Canadian citizens and their communications both outside and inside the country.  A professor at the well-respected Munk Centre for International Relations at the University of Toronto has been quoted as saying, Canadians have been used as “lab rats”, without their knowledge and that the legislation would extend these powers substantially more.

I wrote in my previous blog: “Edward Snowden:  The Unlikely James Bond”, that Snowden revealed that the NSA wanted to have (and almost got) secret capabilities on all devices sold to the public so they could listen in on all communications.  And as I said in my blog, “Canada Loses Its Innocence” written right after the attack on the Canadian Parliament last October, Canadians should not over-react out of fear.  Several activists and aboriginal groups have also expressed that new criminal legislation could also be used to stifle them as well. The woman who exposed herself at the Canadian Parliament was, evidently, a member of the Quebec Femem group, and they have used this tactic before to draw attention to other issues.  I also wrote a previous blog about the anti-Putin demonstrators and musical group who has used similar public displays in Russia, “Pussy Riot, Putin & The Ukraine.”

Russian musical, political group, “Pussy Riot” protesting Putin:

Russian political, musical group, ” Pussy Riot”, protesting Putin government’s powers


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