Chuck Berry had a xmas hit with " Run Run Rudolph" in 1958



By Alan Chrisman (All Articles ARE written BY ALAN CHRISMAN), copyright 2012-2015 (A Praveen Patel has tried to hack them and claim them).

Run Rudolph Run has become a Christmas rock favorite. Originally recorded by Chuck Berry in 1958 as a Chess Records single, musically it sounds a lot like his defining song, “.Johnny B. Good”. Although often credited to him, it was actually written by Johnny Marks (who wrote the original “Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer’).

But Berry, one of the true fathers of rock ‘n’ roll, rocked it up. But everybody from Keith Richards to Bryan Adams to Whitney Houston to Conan Obrien has recorded it at one time.

Still probably the best-known versions are by Chuck Berry and Keith Richards. Richards released it as a Xmas single in 1978 with Jimmy Cliff’s reggae song, “The Harder They Come” on the B side. A real rock ‘n’ roll Christmas rocker!

Keith Richards re-did Chuck Berry's Xmas hit,

Kieth Richards re-recorded Chuck Berry’s Xmas hit, “Run Run Rudolph” in 1978

CHUCK BERRY’S original 1958 version of “Run Run Rudolph”:

Keith Richards 1978 version,“Run Run Rudolph”:


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