PREFAB FOUR, fake Beatles band with imposter McCartney, "D"



By Alan Chrisman copyright 2014

By Prof. Alan L. Chrisman, Beatles’ Archivist, PHD in Rock ’n’ Roll Studies

In October 1969, a rumor went around the world that Paul McCartney had died and been replaced by an impostor.  Despite the presence of certain “clues” at the time, which have not all been fully explained, it has been dismissed since, by many scholars as an example of mass hysteria. I actually was in on its early beginnings and have written extensively about it (see my previous academic paper: Inside Story: “The Paul is Dead Rumor and its sociological Implications).

But I have just learned, after all this time and years of study, that there may have been truth to it, because I recently actually met the Paul McCartney impostor and interviewed him with the real story, which is being revealed here, exclusively, for the first time. The impostor, who didn’t want his real name revealed, goes by the initial, “D”.

And what a story “D” has to tell!  He maintains that yes, McCartney, was killed in a car crash in 1966.   But the Beatles’ management and record company, at the time, did not want to have The Beatles’ career and commercial power to be threatened.  A look-alike contest was held in England for all four Beatles in late 1966 (this has been confirmed from newspapers of the time), but The Beatles’ management had said this had been only for a publicity stunt.  But “D” maintains, that it was, in fact, a cover so the new replacement for McCartney would not be suspicious.

“D” says, they were able to keep the truth hidden for a long time, but The Beatles themselves, became tired of the cover-up and secretly began to hide “clues” in their songs and albums, starting with Sgt. Peppers in 1967.  John Lennon, especially, never a lover of the corporate establishment that actually controlled them, hated having to deceive their loyal fans.  Finally, in late ’69, enough discerning fans had picked up on the hidden clues that the corporate controllers had to respond to what had now become a world-wide phenomenon they couldn’t ignore.  The record company and its backers hired the best PR men to answer the mounting controversy.  “D” maintains that the other Beatles, were now even under personal threat by the British intelligence agency, MI 5 (The Beatles were one of Britain’s chief commercial assets), if they revealed the truth.  The PR men scrambled to nip the rumors in the bud.  And “D” was given a million dollars, himself, to keep quiet.  “D” says the famous cover of Life Magazine, Nov. 7, 1969, with McCartney on the cover at his farm in Scotland, where McCartney said, quoting Mark Twain, “my death is greatly exaggerated” (curiously McCartney never directly denied the rumors)  was actually “D” posing as McCartney.

So why is “D’ finally coming clean after all these years? Well, it’s haunted him all this time and he sees that The Beatles are just as popular and with even new generations, now a half century later and he feels with two of the Beatles, John and George gone, he can finally reveal the truth and get it off his conscience while he is still alive.

What is even more amazing is that ”D” was actually in a band, a few years after the Beatles break-up in 1970, and he and his bandmates had some commercial success, under a different name, but Beatles’ fans at the time didn’t know it, under their cover name.  “D” says that this Beatles’ cover band actually released an album in 1978.  But that Beatles’ fans didn’t suspect anything because they posed as a satire cover band, thus hiding their real purpose.  In fact, the remaining Beatles, still fed up with what had happened to them, purposely broke up in in ’70 and secretly supported this new band, especially George and John.

And the other bombshell about this whole mystery is that this secret new Beatles’ cover band, continued to put their own clues in their own songs and records, for years to come, but nobody caught on, instead laughing at the satire, and missing the hidden clues.

For the first time, after all these many years, the real truth can finally be exposed. Here exclusively for the first time anywhere, “D” is revealing his real identity and the band’s and some of their clues. Finally, Beatles’ fans and scholars will learn the whole story.  Included in this article is the band’s rare and now collectors’ album of 1978 and people can look for the clues themselves, and which substantiates everything  “ D”  has said.

McCartney imposter,

Rare 1978 album by fake Beatles band with McCartney impostor, ” D”, with several clues listed below:

Collage of McCartney impostor,

Collage of albums by McCartney impostor”D”s satire cover band (and mystery band’s actual name, if you look hard you can see name and clues).

Mystery Beatles band 's name finally revealed , Sgt. Rutles Dart's Club Band with impostor

The mystery band to the “Paul is Dead” rumor finally revealed. with impostor” D”:  SGT. RUTLES!

Life Magazine, Nov.7, 1969, with McCartney lookalike,

Paul McCartney says his death “greatly exaggerated”, LIfe Magazine, Nov., 1969 (but some say there could have been a double?)

Just some of the many clues:

Cover of their 1978 album: 

“Meet The” picture on the top of the cover with four heads: Paul (“D”), one farthest to left: has Spock-like ears, meaning the real Paul has left Earth.

Sgt. Darts’s Club Band Cover:  Paul (“D”) has a fake moustache and is holding a clarinet (the real Paul’s father was in a dance band, thus a secret message to Paul’s father).

“History Tour” cover: Paul (“D’) is the “PIG” (we thought it was George, because of Harrison’s song, “Piggies”, on the White Album.

“Let It Riot” cover:  George (right lower picture) looks more like Attila the Hun, which means The Beatles’ corporate controllers (and coverers-up of the truth are barbarians).

Songs with hidden clues from their 1978 album:

“Cheese and Onions”- Paul’s favorite food.  “D” said he had to eat them for years to keep up the charade.  One wife left him because of their smell on his breath.

“Ouch” when spelled backwards is “hcuo”, which means death in Mexican.

“Lets be Natural” originally a John Lennon song stolen by “D’ , one night in the studio- on  which, if you listen carefully, you can hear Yoko breathing, clue that Paul no longer can.

“Number One” in which it’s exposed that the record company was willing to go to any lengths to have  another Beatles’ “Number One”,  even if they had to use a fake McCartney and kept it from their fans.

So the irrefutable proof is finally provided by the very imposter himself, ”D”!

If you can somehow get your hands on this rare album from 1978, you can actually find the full name of  “D” on the inside cover, where “D” is shown, third from the left, holding a fake Paul McCartney Hofner bass guitar(another fake- another clue). The other members of this mysterious band are also listed with their own real names: Ron Nasty, Stig O’Hara, and Barrington Womble.

So Beatles fans, the clues and truth have been there right before our eyes and ears since 1978!  This band would go on to make occasional appearances, release movies (they made a film in1978 too, All You Need Is Cash (another clue to the greedy record company’s motive behind all this).  In 1996, this band also released Archaeology, (once again a clue that there were buried secrets), timed with the massively popular Beatles’ Anthologies.

So the clues were always there and now, we as fans, have no more excuses to ignore them any longer.  Check them out yourselves and tell your friends.

In this modern era of social media, the truth can no longer be repressed-spread the word!  It’s what The Beatles had been secretly telling us all along and this band had been hinting at too, but this time the powers that be, can’t dismiss us as a bunch on rumour mongers or put it down to mass hysteria.

Rise up and Come Together!

“D” still doesn’t want his real name revealed, he’s somewhat-retired now and living on an island off of Iceland, but I hear he still occasionally posts on the internet under an assumed name, “Eric the Read”.  The irony is that, ”D” ( “E”), is still one of The Beatles’ biggest fans and still remembers them very fondly.  And in a strange way, he’s glad to have been a part of their amazing story.

See Beatles’ Impostor “D”s band below doing their : “Get UP and Go” from their record company, Banana’s, roof:


ERIC IDLE’S  REPLY: (Monty Python member & Beatles/George Harrison friend)-reply to A. Chrisman’s article, “Paul is Dead” Rumor:

“That was damn good! You have very intelligent wit going on all in it. Really good.”

Nov. 10, 2014



    1. Alan L. Chrisman Post author

      Glad you liked my little spoof of ” Paul is Dead”. I was in on the original one(which people missed the point of). so felt I had right to spoof. I’ve gotten to know Eric Idle a bit ( friend of George) and he said go for it. And he said he thought it was, like you said, witty and intelligent and funny, so that meant a lot. Some Beatle fans wouldn’t even look at it and took it seriously. “Christ, the way things are going they’re gonna crucify me”. I went to your blog and was impressed too-intelligent and music. Sometime if you want I’ll tell you what I think was the real rumor was all about-only hinted about so far, but you’re intelligent enough to understand. I have more ideas to go. Hope you stay in touch, The Walrus

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Alan L. Chrisman Post author

        Not sure what you mean by “Girly Stuff”? But I just posted one about: Backbeat film & Inside stories about Beatles early days in Hamburg”, which female photographer Astrid Kirchherr had a big influence- artistic photos and designed ” Beatles haircut”. Also quite a love story between her and painter & original Beatle, Stu Sutcliffe, and my meeting some around them. Let me know what you think. Thanks, Alan


  1. Alan L. Chrisman Post author

    Thanks, Some people I first showed it too originally thought it was serious! They thought it was another Beatles conspiracy theory and wouldn’t even look at it. “The way things are going, they’re going to crucify me”. If you want to know about what original rumor was about, perhaps, read my other article above. Eric Idle (Monty Python & George’s friend) just informed me-He liked It! Thankfully some people like you and him have a sense of humor.



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